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  1. Mustafa Halim's Works Added
  2. Wissam Shawkat's Profile 2007
  3. Mokhtar Al Baba's Profile 2007
  4. Ramil Nasybullah's Profile 2007
  5. Muneeb's Profile 2007


New Arrivals

New Gallery Added

Khalid Javed Yousufi, The most senior Master Calligrapher from Pakistan

A New Gallery dedicated to Ustad Badawi Derani

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Hashim Muhammad Alkhattat Gallery

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Hafiz Muhammad Yousuf Sadeedi's Profile

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CalligraphyIslamic.Com Now offers its visitors

Custom Calligraphy Service Started

Authors, Publishers, Printers, Advertising Agencies, Freelance Graphic Designers and Commercial Artists could order for CUSTOM CALLIGRAPHY
for their projects.
Contact for inquiries or orders:


Islamic Arts is a subject that needed to be addressed seriously. We find some insufficient and biased material in western sources of knowledge like "Britannica" and Art History Books like "Art through the Ages" that does not portray the actual picture of the Islamic Culture and its Arts.
Calligraphy Islamic is a humble effort since 1999 to present profiles of Muslim Artists since the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
We are adding profiles on the basis of availability and our material resources to present them in a meaningful manner. We have added more that 120 profiles (not completed) of Muslim Calligraphers of the past as well as of the contemporary world.
Calligraphy Islamic is being established a resource to find young Muslim artists for current and future projects.
We hope this effort will help us to find the actual basis of fine arts, crafts and creativity in Islamic Ideology.

We need your help for this project and you may do this by sending your comments and suggestions, writing and referring the articles, placing your ads on our site etc.

May Allah help us.

Classical and Technical Books on Urdu Khattati (Kitabat / Nastaliq)

We are pleased to announce that a project to publish books regarding classical and technical details of nastaliq script being used for Urdu, punjabi, persian, pushto, sindhi, kashmiri and other muslim languages is started. Initially we will present 5 books including;

Parveeni Nastaaleeq

  1. Muraqqa-e-Zarrin by Tajuddin Zarrin Raqam Lahori

  2. Nazm-e-Parvin
    by Shamsuddin Ejaz Raqam Lakhnawi
  3. Ejaz Raqam by Shamsuddin Ejaz Raqam Lakhnawi

  4. Muraqqa-e-Nigarin
    by Shamsuddin Ejaz Raqam Lakhnawi
  5. Atyang-e-chin by Shamsuddin Ejaz Raqam Lakhnawi
  6. Muraqqa-e-Alif Laam Mim by Jacobus Michael (Lahore, 1945)
    Jacobus Michael
  7. Tadrees-e-Khattati by Haji Muhammad Azam Munawwar Raqam (Uploading Started)
  8. Calligraphy Materials, Qalams (Pen), Davat, Dawat, (Ink Pots), Knives, Inks etc.


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See Shafiquzzaman's Profile

See New Works in Profiles of
Hafiz Muhammad Yousuf Sadeedi, Shafiq-uz-Zaman, Muhammad Yousuf Choudhary, Muhammad Ali Zahid, Hafiz Anjum Mahmood, Shoukat Ali Minhas, Abdul Aziz Awan,

New Additions in Sami Afandi's Profile

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Profile Updated

New Works Added in
Gallery 3

New Works in

Sufi Khursheed Raqam's Profile

New Works in
Sajjad Khalid's Gallery

Bismillah Gallery

Asshahadah Gallery
(Including Name of Allah
and Muhammad (PBUH))

New Profile from Sudan

New Works by
Khalid Javed Yousufi,
The Most Senior Master of
Islamic Calligraphy in Pakistan

The Largest Collection of
Ustadh Hamid Al Amidi's Works
on the Web........Click here........
Get Hamid Al Amidi's Portrait by Sajjad Khalid

Watch the Video
of Chehl Hadith copied by Hamid al Amidi

Some of the Favourites

Last Updated: 23/7/2011

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