Jawwad Bakhtiari

Born in Broujerd, Iran, 1956

BS in Electronics, Shiraz University
BA in Painting, Fine Arts College, Tehran University

10 publications in calligraphy

Individual Exhibitions:
1984, Contemporary Arts Museum, Tehran
1985, Iran-Gennany Cultural Society
1987, Contemporary Arts Museum, Tehran
1988, Museum of Art, Ankara, Turkey
1988, Museum of Art, Istanbul, Thrkey
1988, Water Color Exhibition, Athena, Greek
1991, Reza Abbasi Museum, Tehran
1991, Beijing Cultural Palace, China
1991, Shajanian Private Exhibition, Isfahan
1992, Fine Arts Museum of New Delhi, India
1992, Labor, Islam-abad, Pakistan
1994, Manly Museum, Sydney, Australia
1994, Heritage Gallery, Canberra, Australia
1995, Private Gallery, Tehran

Group Exhibitions:
1985, Labor, Karachi, Pakistan
1988, UNESCO Cultural Center, Paris ,France
1992, Contemporary Arts Museum, Tehran
1993, Contemporary Arts Museum, Tehran
1996, Foray da Sopra, Italy

(courtesy: http://www.caroun.com)

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