Muhammad Badawi Derani

Place of Birth: Damascus, Syria
Teacher(s)/Instructor(s): Hamid Al-Amidi and Yosouf Rasa of Turkey, Mamdouh al Shareef & Moustafa al Sibaei of Syria

Inspiration: Mustafa Raqam, Azizuddin Rafaey, Hamid Al-Amidi, Hashim Baghdadi
Major Cotributions: He established the unprecedented unique NASTA-LEEQ method school in damascus syria which is now named after him as the Demashqee Nastaalque school of Badawi Derani.
Styles of Calligraphic works: Farsi, Thuluth, Kufi, Raqaa, Dewanee, Dewanee Jali, Naskhi
Prominent Works:
Many mosques in Damascus
Many government works
Many private syrian homes have some of his work
Masjed al rasool in medina
Some palaces of the al soud royal family in saudia arabia
Badawi Derani personal family collection of about 1500 compiled by Badawi son Dr. Derani, collection is preserved in 3 countries Syria, Switzerland & Detroit United States
Some Photographs:

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