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Ramil Nassybullah

I was born on November- 10 in 1975 in Russia in republic Tatarstan.
My nationality the Turki - Tatars (not Mongols - Tatars) is a name ( tatar) imposed, not is real a name.
I began to be engaged in a calligraphy approximately 1988 independently, but I at that time did not know that in a calligraphy there are difficult rules. Then in 1993 to year of me has noticed turkish (the teacher of the Arabian language) v Hasan Sevil . But it has given me a basis of the real calligraphy, in every possible way supported me, brought to me from Turkey textbooks and books on a calligraphy on which I studied.
Hasan Sevil checked my calligraphies - showing their present calligrapher, spoke me mistakes.
1996 I was in Turkey there made much Tugra .

And 1997 I have taken Ijazatnama from the calligrapher v Ali Seljuq, but at him I did not study never. It was necessary for making only for formality. (there is no difference at whom to take Ijazatnama ).
1998-2000 I taught in a religious educational institution . Taught bases of a calligraphy, styles: Kufi (ancient style Hz. Ali ), Riq'a, Suls , Jali Divani , Nash.
In 2005 wrote some calligraphies for a gate inside a museum by a millenium of capital of republic - Kazan (in Tatarstan).
All this concerning a calligraphy

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