Upwork to Bank or payoneer

I am working on Upwork as Calligrapher and Graphic Designer. I have made a comparison of Upwork to Bank and Upwork to Payoneer options for Pakistani Calligraphers and Graphic Designers or other professionals like SEO specialists, Desktop and Web Software Developers etc.

I prefer Upwork to Payoneer and finally Payoneer to your bank account. In my opinion, you can save some money with this method.

Here is the comparison

Upwork to BankUpwork to Payoneer
Earning: USD 500
Transfer fee: USD 1
Final Earning: USD 499
USD to PKR: 161.55
Upwork Exchange rate: RS 155 
Difference in USD to PKR rate: RS. 6.55
Impact on US$ 499 earning: RS. 3268.45 +155= Rs. 3423.45
You get: Rs. 77345
Earning: USD 500
Transfer fee: USD 2
Final Earning: USD 498
Payoneer Exchange Rate for Bank: RS. 157.5
Difference in USD 498 to PKR rate: RS. RS. 4
Impact on US$ 499 earning: RS. 1996+(157.5×2)= Rs. 2311
You get: 78435
Difference: 1090

If you withdrawal money from Payoneer to Jazzcash, you can get USD rate about 160.5.

This is the maximum exchange rate but keep in mind that you have to pay RS. 690 on withdrawal of RS. 50,000. You must know that default daily transfer to your Jazzcash account is RS. 25000, so you can not transfer USD 500 at once. Otherwise, you have to contact Jazzcash to increase your daily/monthly money transfer limit.

I prefer Jazzcash to pay utility bills without extra cost, so I transfer small amounts like USD 150 to Jazzcash.

If you want to withdraw cash from your Jazzcash account, its not a better option. See the Cash withdrawal fee charged by Jazzcash.